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Our History

New Destiny Apostolic Church (formerly – Greater Works Evangelistic Ministries) was founded by Bishop Duane Bell on October 17, 1999 and was initially housed at the location of 4909 Government Road in Richmond, Virginia. At the early stages of the ministry, the church consisted of only nine (9) faithful members who quickly connected to the profound vision of their spiritual leader.

Since our first service, New Destiny has opened its arms to the surrounding communities. And as we began to established revivals and outreaches in the months to come, many within these surrounding communities were set free and delivered by the power of our Almighty God.

Based on the growth of our ministry we have been able to implement and maintain seventeen in-house ministries which has aided in the spiritual and emotional development of many who have crossed our humble doors. Many ministers, elders, pastors, teachers and prophets birthed their gifts within our walls and have gone on to live successful lives in Christendom.

In 2004, the ministry outgrew its initial location and we relocated to the Wyndham Hotel, which is located at 4700 Laburnum Avenue in Henrico County. There, the hand of God continued to operate in our amazement, and the thirsty souls of men and women quenched their impoverished situations. More souls came to our ministry and God blessed everyone who voluntarily yielded themselves to His leading. And because of our corporate obedience God engineered another shift for New Destiny.

In the summer of 2005, the Lord showed Bishop Bell our next dwelling place. The building was vacant and had over 15,500 square feet for us to take over and outgrow! The saints rejoiced in this new move and by September of that same year we entered into another “wealthy place” for New Destiny. At this newest dwelling we continued to grow spiritually and emotionally as God continue to operate to the liberation of His people. More ministries were birthed and more family came in seeking counsel, direction, purpose and deliverance.

But as time continued forward, our Bishop could feel the unctioning of the Lord to move the ministry to another location, which was more primed to receive the type of ministry He had orchestrated us to be. The hand of God led us to our present location at 4800 Brittles Lane, which used to be Montrose Presbytery Church. God gave us much favor with that organization and we soon ascertained a church that we could call our own!

At this present hour we give God perpetual praise and honor for moving us to wealthy places which only caused us to better ourselves and to mature as a “called out people” within His kingdom. We have been in our current location since August of 2014 and God has been most favorable to us every step of the way. We are now primed and positioned to move this segment of the kingdom in territories never imagined years ago. We are a ministry that will help, aid, strengthen, impart into, pull out of, establish and admonish all who cross over our threshold. So much more is laid before us, and we know that God will continue to guide us through every shift that is ordained for us walk into as we continue this pilgrim journey. We solicit your prayers in this season that we continue to be proven acceptable in His eyes. Amen.